Gazetteer Service Objective

This gazetteer service proposes a gazetteer of place names in Kenya, compiled from voluntered data. Data used for this gazetteer is based on volunteeer data and users who users caution is necessary. On the website, one can collect and download data using toponyms android mobile app(even when one is distant from the feature), search for place names and browse various volunteered gazetteer data among other services. Any named places, boundaries or indications indicated on the website are not an authority

Website Update Changelog

06 March 2022, system patch: 1.0.1
  • Added Map Sheet Catalog and AOI SheetIndex to homepage Map
  • Re-arranged website homepage layout
  • Removed support for ontology viewer and associated documentation
Pre-2022, Initial stable release: 1.0.0
Toponyms gazetteer service website features aesthetically apealing user-interface and intuitive user-experience enabling easy discovery and synthesis of extensive research work contained herein.

Android App Update Changelog

Toponyms app for android OS new features include an unprecedented level of command and control over individual tasks on the go and offline data collection and syncing, suppport to data collection while offline; if there is no internet. Download Toponyms App...